Thursday, April 30, 2009

he grew a beard as soon as he could to cover the scars on his face

well I am home
and it feels so good to be baaaaaaack
I still feel like I have stuff to do like start an essay or study or read... but I don't and it is fantastic!
I have been home 2 days and I already have a sunburn on my face
whatever that means the weather is good :)
Ill miss my school friends of course... but Ill see them soon enough... we celebrated lee's birthday before we left and it was such a fun party! it was safari themed and we did crazy makeup and dressed like animals... it was great! and before that we had a graffiti party haha those are always fun!
and I love being home with the new dog hes so cute nd he always wants to play... we have named him buddy... I was not impressed because buddy is a boring name for a dog... but looking on the bright side... he will always be my buddy :)
and I got a landscaping job for the 2 months I have before camp... Im scared I might die ahaha... hopefully Ill get a nice tan :)
I feel like I need to get a book to read this summer... any suggestions?

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