Saturday, November 12, 2011

so check one two one two one two

music: I am really into childish gambino right now and his new album "camp" its unreal. Also, my friend nate is in this band called pocket city and I saw one of their shows on thursday and it was amazing. Their sound is so unique because of all the different instruments they have going on (bass, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, saxophone, key board, drums and a dj) Their singer not only sings but raps too. They are really great. and I saw craig cardiff (who is one of my favourite folk artists) in st catharines a week ago and he was fantastic as always.

photography: so, at the pocket city show I took a ton of pictures they turned out alright Im not happy with them but they are okay. its fun taking pictures using the actual light provided in the room opposed to using a flash all the time.

fitness: BOOM! I somehow am getting myself to the gym everyday excluding thursdays. I alternate my routine too. one day Ill do weights then 30min on the treadmill then weights again and then the next day ill just run on the treadmill for an hour and do abs... its great! and all I eat is fruit pretty much so that helps too

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