Sunday, February 28, 2010

o canada

most golds, and beat the shit our of the americans for both hockeys... I'm impressed canada well done... you are amazing hahah I dont think I've ever been more proud to be canadian... I wish I was in BC to party with you guys

the opening ceremonies we pretty sweet hahaha thats why the world thinks we live in igloos... but it was still really cool and really pretty

the closing ceremonies however... hahaha such a joke! it was like I was watching a vegas style interpretation of a niagra falls gift shop... or the canada exhibit at epcot... the only performances I enjoyed was hedley, k-os, alanis morissette (whoo looks amazing!) and michael buble... I was expecting the tragically hip... because they are amazing... and drake... but I can understand... I mean aubrey graham is very busy spillin while he's sippin... he's encouraged me to try it... but the HIP? why couldnt they come out and party? the only excuse I will accept is if they walk through my front door right now... other than that...


Im kind of sad its over... I have never seen canadians so patriotic... it was really great to see... I hope it doesnt fade fast... canada is an amazing country and we are all so fortunate to live here... and the molson canadian commercial with "requiem for a dream" playing... gets me JACKED UP! I think that is my favourite commerical at the mome I also really like the coke one with all the hockey in it... its just great

all in all... it was an amazing olympics Im so proud of all the athletes and the way the country came together for support... I just love everything haha:)

way to bring it home canada

Thursday, February 25, 2010

winters so cold, summers over too soon

I really need to stop looking at pictures from camp

Monday, February 22, 2010

send them your heart, so they know that someone cares

the new version of we are the world is so great
the old one is even greater
... just sayin'

so you know what I realize is really annoying? when people over use "lol"
it drives me insane lol
lol its so unnecessary lol
everyone knows you aren't actually laughing out loud lol
so dont say you are twice in one sentence lol

... enough

Friday, February 19, 2010

and I was like, baby, baby, baby oh

a few fun facts to enlighten you

justin bieber creeps me out

grudges are stupid

fruit is amazing

reminiscing is one of my favourite things

procrastinating WILL kill me one of these days

justin timberlake is and always will be the sexiest man alive

canada is THE best country in the world

requiem for a dream has the power to make even paint drying, intense

dance parties in cars are a must for all road trips... (even if its going down the street)

the 90's had some radical music to say the least

cranium is a great game

Monday, February 8, 2010

a modern day warrior mean mean stride, today's tom sawyer mean mean pride

so today is a pretty good day :)
I woke up refreshed from a good weekend then went to class then studied then wrote a midterm that went pretty okay... was right on time for the bus then came home to a letter from an old friend AND a valentines package with all sorts of wonderful goodies inside from my aunt and cousins :) it made me so happy!

so now I am in an excellent mood

and to top it off... its so sunny outside and I've noticed the days are getting longer which means summer is approaching :)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

he said I'm fabulously rich, c'mon just lets go. she kind of bit her lip, geez, I don't know

you know whats great?

drinking with friends.

new or old

and singing karaoke

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

confess, your kiss still knocks me off my legs

so my weekend at home was great! I went out downtown, did some much needed shopping and did some bonding with my brother... I wasn't ready to leave... but I'll be back In 2 weeks :)

so yesterday I went to go get a police check for this volunteer job that I got but it turns out that I have to go all the way to another town to get it... so I just wondered downtown and took pictures... I found some really rad places that I'd like to go back to... like a magic shop :) and this sweet musical instrument store and I took pictures of strangers for the first time ever hahah I was so awkward! I went up and asked them hahah but luckily for me they were totally cool with it! there was even this one guy who played along and made faces at me while I was shooting him playing guitar hahah it was great... I just wish it wasn't so damn cold outside!

and dave matthews band's performance at the grammy's was so great! ugh they are my favourite band I think... I just love their music so much... the lyric in the title is from my baby blue by them... check it

spring is only 6 weeks away :)