Sunday, February 28, 2010

o canada

most golds, and beat the shit our of the americans for both hockeys... I'm impressed canada well done... you are amazing hahah I dont think I've ever been more proud to be canadian... I wish I was in BC to party with you guys

the opening ceremonies we pretty sweet hahaha thats why the world thinks we live in igloos... but it was still really cool and really pretty

the closing ceremonies however... hahaha such a joke! it was like I was watching a vegas style interpretation of a niagra falls gift shop... or the canada exhibit at epcot... the only performances I enjoyed was hedley, k-os, alanis morissette (whoo looks amazing!) and michael buble... I was expecting the tragically hip... because they are amazing... and drake... but I can understand... I mean aubrey graham is very busy spillin while he's sippin... he's encouraged me to try it... but the HIP? why couldnt they come out and party? the only excuse I will accept is if they walk through my front door right now... other than that...


Im kind of sad its over... I have never seen canadians so patriotic... it was really great to see... I hope it doesnt fade fast... canada is an amazing country and we are all so fortunate to live here... and the molson canadian commercial with "requiem for a dream" playing... gets me JACKED UP! I think that is my favourite commerical at the mome I also really like the coke one with all the hockey in it... its just great

all in all... it was an amazing olympics Im so proud of all the athletes and the way the country came together for support... I just love everything haha:)

way to bring it home canada

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