Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground

so I am not a fan of clothes... pants especially... so lately I am documenting this ongoing battle... every time I put pants on then pants get a point... whenever I take pants off then I get a point... so far its tied up at 3-3... I'll keep you posted... oh! and if I wear a skirt or a dress then it is also a point for me

clearly I am over school for the year

Friday, March 26, 2010

love is the answer, thats what they say

so buffy the vampire slayer is playing on much music these days... I couldnt be more overjoyed! :) its just the greatest show ever

one of the greatest sounds in the world is that of a group of talented singers singing together

jacob hoggard has a really great voice... however justin timberlake is still the perfect man

its almost summer time and I am so excited I found out that the fam-jamily is going on a vacation! wooo! Im so excited!
...too bad school gets in the way of happiness

so if I had the opportunity to go back in time would I? I dont think I would want to go back in time and re-live things... but I would want to go back and watch my life like a movie... that would be really neat I think... would I want to go to the future? yes, so that I know how to figure out situations in the present... or for something to look forward to hahah or to answers of questions... that would be so legitimate

I have been volunteering at an old age day program... and I am actually really enjoying myself... I didnt think I would like it, I thought it would be boring but its actually really fun and the people are really easy going and fun to hang out with for the better part of my day :) so I think everyone should hang with old people more often :)

st. patricks day was pretty sweet too... its so great when a large amount of people are all in a good mood and partying together on a hot day :)

I want to be a dinosaur

Monday, March 15, 2010

so we kick, push kick, push kick, push kick, push coast

so just like everyone in the world... I am making a conscious effort to get healthy and active to lose weight... I've been making it more fun though... I took marshall (my camera) on a three hour walk today... :) I love it haha I had my last midterm of the school year today so life is looking pretty swell right about now


I wish I learned how to skateboard... I want to know how... without having to learn... I dont like learning how to do things... my friend jamie tried to teach me to play guitar (my dad tried before and we just argued haha) and it was a fail... I just dont stay focused

my friend eleni (seewhatelenisees.blogspot.com) as well as several people from my camp like venus six and waldo got me into photography and now Im super inuit (hahah) and len if you read this, give me a shout I miss you :)

I'm excited for st. patricks day

phil is a pretty cool guy :)

stay fly

Sunday, March 7, 2010

you gotta know how I feel

the oscars are overrated

people should do more visiting... it makes everyones days a little brighter

bowling is amazing

the red olympic mittens are sweet

the sun finally being out puts a smile on my face

my brother caving in and getting facebook is funny... (I lasted longer)

keanu reevs is no longer relevant... he shouldn't present... (if you are lost, the only relevant actors were in valentines day... hahahaha)

drawing picture is underrated... for the few people who read this... I challenge you to draw a picture for someone on paper and give it to them :) my friend reed is is visual arts and he drew this picture of my roommates and I... he drew it without tracing and with markers... its so amazing and that was his first and only draft... hes amazing :)

headaches suck