Monday, March 15, 2010

so we kick, push kick, push kick, push kick, push coast

so just like everyone in the world... I am making a conscious effort to get healthy and active to lose weight... I've been making it more fun though... I took marshall (my camera) on a three hour walk today... :) I love it haha I had my last midterm of the school year today so life is looking pretty swell right about now

I wish I learned how to skateboard... I want to know how... without having to learn... I dont like learning how to do things... my friend jamie tried to teach me to play guitar (my dad tried before and we just argued haha) and it was a fail... I just dont stay focused

my friend eleni ( as well as several people from my camp like venus six and waldo got me into photography and now Im super inuit (hahah) and len if you read this, give me a shout I miss you :)

I'm excited for st. patricks day

phil is a pretty cool guy :)

stay fly

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