Tuesday, March 31, 2009

we came to dance with the girls with the stars in their eyes

so there is a lovely book that I have called "14000 things to be happy about." by barbara ann kipfer

its the cutest thing ever so I will quote a page here

"blueberry pancakes made with stoneground whole-wheat flour, granulated sugar, homogenized milk, and blueberries
country-crusted breads
a county fair wheeling by in a Technicolor blur of sawdust and cotton candy
gluing a puzzle onto a cookie tin
having the ducks at the zoo eat the bread you've thrown at them
buying a hat, gloves, and boots for a three-year-old
pizza bricks
J & B Scotch
'101 Dalmatians' (story)
Amish quilts in a double wedding ring pattern
T.B.A = to be avoided
a Barbie Doll lunch box
a Crayola beginner's set
'I love you'
khaki and wheat colors
eating peas with a fork
Texas toast: thick slices of white bread brushed with butter and grilled
ivy-leaved toadflax stretching to a bank of wild strawberries
playpen toys
roast pork, fried potatoes, baked tomatoes" (page 219)

...it is my favourite book of all time :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I can put you in a condo, all the way up in toronto

So I love toronto...
I never really appreciated how wicked toronto was until I havent been for a while... coming off the greyhound bus right in the middle of downtown T.O at sunset seeing all the nights and busyness of the city just puts a huge smile on my face :) And this weekend a couple of my friends had their nineteenth birthday so of course we hit up the toronto nightlife :) and that made me love it even more! Just the drunk friendly-ness of everyone would be a little creepy but when everyone is surrounded by friends its just such a nice feeling... we took the bus back home and this guy walked on and went to the back where we all were and just said "so THIS is where the party is! woooooo the back of the bus!" and we all cheered and ugh it was just so fun!
and I get to do it again next weekend :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

tell her you long for her whispering eye

I havent been home since reading week!
its good to see my brothas... they are cool... peter started a sketch book its neat
apparently my dad got an ipod touch... for those of you who know my dad... this is a shock... you see, my dad is a dinosaur... he doesn't have a cell phone and wears a phanny pack... he is the last man you would expect to have an ipod touch... especially when he had a nano before! And he got all ergonomically correct all of a sudden... I come home and there is a squishy thing for the keyboard and the mouse... what is going on with the world? ALSO my area is getting mega dangerous... shootings, stabbing and random dead bodies are showing up places... toronto needs me to protect it... you never know what you have till its gone I guess
so futurama is dumb... it is not funny... same with south park although my religion and visual culture professor loves it he talks about south park errrday
school is almost over!!
Im so excited! It'll finally be warm and sunny and time for camp... and I will be tan again! yaaaaaaaaay
baaah the office is liiiiiiiiiiiiife its so funny
oh and my school friends introduced me to summer heights high... I know Im way behind and that show isnt around anymore... but Im like my father in that way... anyway s.h.h is amazing if you havent already watched it... watch it

I am on my families computer and found some old pictures... I love it!

axe commcercials are funny

and I can relate to the molson canadian commercials and it makes me smile
p.s nathan skillen (the handsome man whos face I am squishing above) is wicked... the end

Monday, March 23, 2009

hey good lookin', why the frown?

soooo today was productive considering I don't have much to do... I went to psych at 830 am and passed out then hung out in the science building like a nerd then ate lunch then participated in this study where I had to stare a stranger in the eyes for 60 seconds 3 times... it was awkward... not going to lie I stared (is that the past tense of stare? or is it store?) into her soul... she looked like she wanted to kill me... I was worried... then I went to le gym... and subtly raced the girl beside me on the tredmill... Im competitive at the gym haha... then showered had a one person dance party in my room... edited my friends essay... read 75 sex tricks he craves in cosmo then ate dinner and now I am here writing waiting for my next class to begin... then we are watching one tree hill then a movie of some sort (when I refer to "we" in these blogs I mean my floormates haha... I noticed that I kind of sound schizophrenic) 
Im really tempted to drink the beer that is sitting next to me... hmmm
"Budweiser began beechwood aging in 1876. It takes longer and it's more expensive, but it makes all the difference. Nothing else achieves that distinctive taste and smooth finish that only Budweiser is known for" haha it sounds like they are talking about "she"... you know the "she" that says all those inappropriate things? baaaaahhahaha
Im not funny
at least they admit that they are expensive... why does alcohol have to cost so much anyway? Its pretty much poison

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ghetto superstar, that is what you are

so this weekend my friend mala came over and it was very fun
however saturday night we went to a party and julia and I played a game of beer pong against two boys and won. We were playing "winner goes on" so we play against two new boys who were quite upset that their friends lost a game of beer pong to a couple girls. At first we were losing pretty bad then we got four cups in a row... the boys were not pleased... they started whipping out the sexists comments saying that we wont win and to get back on our knees and what not... every time we shot a ball they would scream whore, cunt, bitch etc. it was very upsetting especially when we were tied. sexists comment usually don't bother me because the people are usually joking... however these guys pissed me right the hell off and I was about to go apeshit... they ended up winning in sudden death by one cup. 
this picture is a family photo of the residence of 23 high street :) we had a cute little photo-shoot and took a bunch of pictures of the four of us :) We wish that alisha was living with us too but wait till third year... the five of us will fuck shit up! hahaha
anyway today we had our residence banquet... I like dressing up all pretty its fun for me... and we got to watch a slideshow of our year so far. It was nice our don even had a cute speech :) its so weird to think that there is only one month left until we move out of res... this year has gone by so fast its unbelievable! Its been so fun!
then we went to the Laurier film festival... every res sent in a movie... it was so funny I wish we made one to send in... however we forgot... damn! haha there is always next year
Also I've discovered that criminal minds is one of the best shows ever made... its so intense I love it... also the big bang theory is so funny... I wish I started watching these shows earlier... I highly recommend them 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

your voice is the soundtrack of my summer

Ive decided that I am going to name my blogs after song or movie quotes... I think its cool :) woot!

so this morning I woke up at was so sweaty and it was so gross... so I thought hey! if it is hot in my room while the window was open the whole night it must be hot outside... so I put on a t-shirt and shorts... I walk out and it is 3 degrees... turns out the sun heats up my room in the morning... who knew? so I spent my whole morning freezing...

I am one of those people who gets stressed out by a messy room... and I have my lovely friend mala coming to visit me at school we are going to party like its a camp party! haha... so I cleaned my room (that is her on the left)... it is weird... I got used to the mess but I like it better this way :)

so there is this band that my friends and I like to watch... we are friends with the saxophone player... thats right the band has a sax... wud up! they are really good they are called The Sound Foundation... I suggest you youtube them they are amazing! very upbeat and mellow... I enjoy very much :) they remind me of summer

speaking of summer... I just want it to be summer already! who is with me? seriously enough of the cold! ugh I can't wait till summer... Im excited to be tan again... I get really dark in the summer I enjoy being dark... I always feel better when Im tan... how lame is that? but it is true and you can't argue with truth :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

first blog

hello all,
my name is sarah (thats me on the left)
I'm from a city called Toronto, you may have heard of it... it is only the capital of ontario! It is pretty awesome I love living there. However, I now live in waterloo for school and the loo is pretty sweet too... Im giving a shout out to the k-dub! wud up!

...as you can probably tell by now I am lame
it is 1:10am and I have been inspired by my lovely friend eleni :) (the cutie on the right) we have been separated unfortunately to pursue our education... fuck that len your coming back soon or I will kidnap you myself :)

hmmm what else should I say... I love the outdoors... I have this issue where if it is nice outside I cannot be inside or I slowly go insane wooooooo

I like to party :)