Sunday, March 22, 2009

ghetto superstar, that is what you are

so this weekend my friend mala came over and it was very fun
however saturday night we went to a party and julia and I played a game of beer pong against two boys and won. We were playing "winner goes on" so we play against two new boys who were quite upset that their friends lost a game of beer pong to a couple girls. At first we were losing pretty bad then we got four cups in a row... the boys were not pleased... they started whipping out the sexists comments saying that we wont win and to get back on our knees and what not... every time we shot a ball they would scream whore, cunt, bitch etc. it was very upsetting especially when we were tied. sexists comment usually don't bother me because the people are usually joking... however these guys pissed me right the hell off and I was about to go apeshit... they ended up winning in sudden death by one cup. 
this picture is a family photo of the residence of 23 high street :) we had a cute little photo-shoot and took a bunch of pictures of the four of us :) We wish that alisha was living with us too but wait till third year... the five of us will fuck shit up! hahaha
anyway today we had our residence banquet... I like dressing up all pretty its fun for me... and we got to watch a slideshow of our year so far. It was nice our don even had a cute speech :) its so weird to think that there is only one month left until we move out of res... this year has gone by so fast its unbelievable! Its been so fun!
then we went to the Laurier film festival... every res sent in a movie... it was so funny I wish we made one to send in... however we forgot... damn! haha there is always next year
Also I've discovered that criminal minds is one of the best shows ever made... its so intense I love it... also the big bang theory is so funny... I wish I started watching these shows earlier... I highly recommend them 

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