Sunday, March 29, 2009

I can put you in a condo, all the way up in toronto

So I love toronto...
I never really appreciated how wicked toronto was until I havent been for a while... coming off the greyhound bus right in the middle of downtown T.O at sunset seeing all the nights and busyness of the city just puts a huge smile on my face :) And this weekend a couple of my friends had their nineteenth birthday so of course we hit up the toronto nightlife :) and that made me love it even more! Just the drunk friendly-ness of everyone would be a little creepy but when everyone is surrounded by friends its just such a nice feeling... we took the bus back home and this guy walked on and went to the back where we all were and just said "so THIS is where the party is! woooooo the back of the bus!" and we all cheered and ugh it was just so fun!
and I get to do it again next weekend :)

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