Wednesday, March 18, 2009

first blog

hello all,
my name is sarah (thats me on the left)
I'm from a city called Toronto, you may have heard of it... it is only the capital of ontario! It is pretty awesome I love living there. However, I now live in waterloo for school and the loo is pretty sweet too... Im giving a shout out to the k-dub! wud up! you can probably tell by now I am lame
it is 1:10am and I have been inspired by my lovely friend eleni :) (the cutie on the right) we have been separated unfortunately to pursue our education... fuck that len your coming back soon or I will kidnap you myself :)

hmmm what else should I say... I love the outdoors... I have this issue where if it is nice outside I cannot be inside or I slowly go insane wooooooo

I like to party :)

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