Thursday, March 26, 2009

tell her you long for her whispering eye

I havent been home since reading week!
its good to see my brothas... they are cool... peter started a sketch book its neat
apparently my dad got an ipod touch... for those of you who know my dad... this is a shock... you see, my dad is a dinosaur... he doesn't have a cell phone and wears a phanny pack... he is the last man you would expect to have an ipod touch... especially when he had a nano before! And he got all ergonomically correct all of a sudden... I come home and there is a squishy thing for the keyboard and the mouse... what is going on with the world? ALSO my area is getting mega dangerous... shootings, stabbing and random dead bodies are showing up places... toronto needs me to protect it... you never know what you have till its gone I guess
so futurama is dumb... it is not funny... same with south park although my religion and visual culture professor loves it he talks about south park errrday
school is almost over!!
Im so excited! It'll finally be warm and sunny and time for camp... and I will be tan again! yaaaaaaaaay
baaah the office is liiiiiiiiiiiiife its so funny
oh and my school friends introduced me to summer heights high... I know Im way behind and that show isnt around anymore... but Im like my father in that way... anyway s.h.h is amazing if you havent already watched it... watch it

I am on my families computer and found some old pictures... I love it!

axe commcercials are funny

and I can relate to the molson canadian commercials and it makes me smile
p.s nathan skillen (the handsome man whos face I am squishing above) is wicked... the end