Monday, March 23, 2009

hey good lookin', why the frown?

soooo today was productive considering I don't have much to do... I went to psych at 830 am and passed out then hung out in the science building like a nerd then ate lunch then participated in this study where I had to stare a stranger in the eyes for 60 seconds 3 times... it was awkward... not going to lie I stared (is that the past tense of stare? or is it store?) into her soul... she looked like she wanted to kill me... I was worried... then I went to le gym... and subtly raced the girl beside me on the tredmill... Im competitive at the gym haha... then showered had a one person dance party in my room... edited my friends essay... read 75 sex tricks he craves in cosmo then ate dinner and now I am here writing waiting for my next class to begin... then we are watching one tree hill then a movie of some sort (when I refer to "we" in these blogs I mean my floormates haha... I noticed that I kind of sound schizophrenic) 
Im really tempted to drink the beer that is sitting next to me... hmmm
"Budweiser began beechwood aging in 1876. It takes longer and it's more expensive, but it makes all the difference. Nothing else achieves that distinctive taste and smooth finish that only Budweiser is known for" haha it sounds like they are talking about "she"... you know the "she" that says all those inappropriate things? baaaaahhahaha
Im not funny
at least they admit that they are expensive... why does alcohol have to cost so much anyway? Its pretty much poison

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  1. im a straight up G.
    y'all are posers.

    ...yeah i went there.