Thursday, April 30, 2009

he grew a beard as soon as he could to cover the scars on his face

well I am home
and it feels so good to be baaaaaaack
I still feel like I have stuff to do like start an essay or study or read... but I don't and it is fantastic!
I have been home 2 days and I already have a sunburn on my face
whatever that means the weather is good :)
Ill miss my school friends of course... but Ill see them soon enough... we celebrated lee's birthday before we left and it was such a fun party! it was safari themed and we did crazy makeup and dressed like animals... it was great! and before that we had a graffiti party haha those are always fun!
and I love being home with the new dog hes so cute nd he always wants to play... we have named him buddy... I was not impressed because buddy is a boring name for a dog... but looking on the bright side... he will always be my buddy :)
and I got a landscaping job for the 2 months I have before camp... Im scared I might die ahaha... hopefully Ill get a nice tan :)
I feel like I need to get a book to read this summer... any suggestions?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ooo I want to leave this, this world for a while

well well well
2 days till I go home and my summer begins! I am so excited!
and my dad surprised us with a puppy the other day! his name is buddy (my brothers and dad didnt like any of my names) and hes a black lab mix hes the cutest thing ever!

so I suggest a band called wintersleep... they are wicked
and I have a bit of a girl crush on mandy moore I love her and she has a new song called I could break your heart any day of the week... kind of a long title but its so cute

the summer is so close I can taste it

haha imagine that expression was literal? that would be amazing! I wonder what summer would taste like? any thoughts?
I think it would taste fresh and sweet like a refreshing cold glass of lemonade... with a hint of crispy beef hahah mmmmm

maybe I am just hungry haha

and because I am obsessed with summer I am putting a picture from the summer because I love summer and the way everything feels free and there is no worry in my life ugh its just so nice!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

and I said, what about breakfast at tiffany's?

well the year is winding down... but I think I've been saying that for a while...
I have 2 exams left and a 19th birthday to survive before my summer begins :) (haha the picture is literally what I look like when I am studying) 
so funny story... I have had a single room to myself all year and now I have a roommate! :) she hasn't really been around but thats okay I have cleared the whole half of my room for her so she is welcome to come crash whenever she pleases 

it was my other friends birthday 2 days ago so happy birthday chewie! :) so to celebrate we went to our favourite bar because they always play rap on fridays... however we get there and the d.j doesn't play a single rap song! I love all types of music... country, rock, rap, pop even some classical and screamo... but not techno... I can't dance to it, I can't do anything... and it all sounds the same to me... and guess what the d.j played all night. ugh... but it was fun :)

...and my obsession with buffy continues... I am currently on the third season and 4th disc of 6... can I be a bigger loser? haha I think so...
... my friend aladdin and I have decided that we are going to be hippies next year... wear hemp clothing, grow our hair out long... (and possibly get dreds... its doubtful though)... and I am quite excited... I think Ill make the transition quite easily...

I'd like to point out that the weather lately has been beautiful!

I don't know if anyone has noticed but I am so pumped for the summer... not only and I going to the best place ever for the 7th summer in a row... but I am also working at a camp for kids with mental disabilities for a weekend and I might tree plant for a month... but that is still up in the air... my friends at home might hate me for life because none of those places are in toronto... sorry guys!

Monday, April 13, 2009

oh my god, we're back again

I am boycotting exams
but not really or I would fail life
they are just so pointless you know?
but it was easter so that was fun
yay chocolate!
just what I need... more chocolate... not
so hey summer you wanna pop on by anytime soon? that would be GREAT

so stars are pretty cool... the burning balls of fire in space AND the band... woop woop

so as you can tell by now Im procrastinating my studying... obv. 

skype is cool
I suggest everyone get it

Im the #1 idiot... I forgot my keys and my student card at home so now I have nothing to eat and have to stay in my room all day until the mail comes in... ive been living off green tea and special k cereal! woooop... at least I'm forced to do nothing but study

sky rockets in flight booooooo afternoon delight

buffy the vampire slayer= life... for the record
best show! I was in love with it when I was younger and now I fell back in love with it... forget twilight angel and oz are the originals man!
I don't know if there is room in my heart for 2 good vampires and 2 warewolves 
oh lord I sound like a 14 year old girl... I need help
and I love xander too! and giles! and willow! oh man buffy! why did you ever go off air!
and Ive decided that my first born son will be named alexander but instead of following the norm and calling him alex I will call him xander and he will be my little piece of buffy
... and Im a lunatic
wow... school can't be over soon enough 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

why can't I breathe whenever I think about you

life is boring
cleaned my room... it is literally sparkling which is nice... I was getting a little stressed
then going home and teaching my brosif how to play rugby woooo! Im so proud of him and I am determined to make him the first grade 10 to start on the sr. boys team :) AND my cousin also joined the team at her school so I will try to make her a starter as well... I have some work to do haha
and len isn't in this picture but she is #1
love her.

schoooool is almost over just 3 exams away and Im dunzo! woop woop!

and then it is camp!
you know how people have a happy place that they go to to have happy thoughts? camp is that place for me! when I am there it is like nothing bad can really happen to me :) and as annoying and dumb the kids can be (like sometimes you just want to kick them in the teeth)... when they look at you and tell you that you helped make that week one of the funest weeks in their life, or help them overcome a fear... it really hits home :) it is a great feeling... but you don't really appreciate those kids until their gone... like most things in life

Sunday, April 5, 2009

we go through too much bullshit just to mess with these drunk and hot girls...ahhlalala thats how the fuck you sound

well this weekend was quite the shitshow
we finished shh (summer heights high) and it was quite sad
"I said puck off miss... with a P"


friday we celebrated holly's birthday and rode mechanical bulls at dallas and it was fun then last night we went to serra's work friend's party... and oh my god I literally thought I was going to die... has that ever happened to anyone before? I have to send out apologies to nathan... poor guy received some inappropriate text messages from me... I do that quite often... for some reason I have a huge need to send texts while I am intoxicated... its actually starting to become an issue... my phone needs to be confiscated after I have had a few... oh dear

eleni rules

we are done first year university! well, minus exams... I am making a slideshow for my lovelies here on my floor :) I hope they like it 

baaaaahhhh trip to hamilton sooooon woooo!

so its like 12:19 in the am and I just wanted to say a thing or two...

I want to put the person who decided that being naked in public was unacceptable in a little physical pain... I mean really? why cant we all just be comfortable in our own skin? why do lazy people like myself have to get up and put clothes on just to walk down the hall and go to the bathroom? I mean really? im sitting on my bed just playing games and listening to music and I have the urge to pee... so why can't I just walk down the hall like 5 doors away to the bathroom without getting dirty looks? like I am not even nekkid Im in underwear... I am not hurting you in any way am I? no! ugh 

Id like to hear your thoughts...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I call them april babies, 'cause they fools

happy april fools day!
so the girls and I had these epic plans to punk the rest of the girls on our floor for april fools day but of course we passed out watching pulp fiction and it didnt happen... which is unfortunate

I am sitting in my film lecture and we are dissecting the film "waking life" its an animated film with a butt-load of different philosophical theories about life, death, dreams etc. I think it would be interesting but it is really hard to follow... Id like it a lot better if it was maybe one or two theories that are developed and talked about throughout the film opposed to having like 20 theories throughout. 
however, the film is really deep and if you like opening your mind then I recommend it.