Wednesday, April 8, 2009

why can't I breathe whenever I think about you

life is boring
cleaned my room... it is literally sparkling which is nice... I was getting a little stressed
then going home and teaching my brosif how to play rugby woooo! Im so proud of him and I am determined to make him the first grade 10 to start on the sr. boys team :) AND my cousin also joined the team at her school so I will try to make her a starter as well... I have some work to do haha
and len isn't in this picture but she is #1
love her.

schoooool is almost over just 3 exams away and Im dunzo! woop woop!

and then it is camp!
you know how people have a happy place that they go to to have happy thoughts? camp is that place for me! when I am there it is like nothing bad can really happen to me :) and as annoying and dumb the kids can be (like sometimes you just want to kick them in the teeth)... when they look at you and tell you that you helped make that week one of the funest weeks in their life, or help them overcome a fear... it really hits home :) it is a great feeling... but you don't really appreciate those kids until their gone... like most things in life


  1. hi awesome blog yet again. please comment on my blog. comments would be appreciated. xx

  2. Camp is my happy place too! I think it always will be!