Monday, April 13, 2009

oh my god, we're back again

I am boycotting exams
but not really or I would fail life
they are just so pointless you know?
but it was easter so that was fun
yay chocolate!
just what I need... more chocolate... not
so hey summer you wanna pop on by anytime soon? that would be GREAT

so stars are pretty cool... the burning balls of fire in space AND the band... woop woop

so as you can tell by now Im procrastinating my studying... obv. 

skype is cool
I suggest everyone get it

Im the #1 idiot... I forgot my keys and my student card at home so now I have nothing to eat and have to stay in my room all day until the mail comes in... ive been living off green tea and special k cereal! woooop... at least I'm forced to do nothing but study

sky rockets in flight booooooo afternoon delight

buffy the vampire slayer= life... for the record
best show! I was in love with it when I was younger and now I fell back in love with it... forget twilight angel and oz are the originals man!
I don't know if there is room in my heart for 2 good vampires and 2 warewolves 
oh lord I sound like a 14 year old girl... I need help
and I love xander too! and giles! and willow! oh man buffy! why did you ever go off air!
and Ive decided that my first born son will be named alexander but instead of following the norm and calling him alex I will call him xander and he will be my little piece of buffy
... and Im a lunatic
wow... school can't be over soon enough 


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