Saturday, April 25, 2009

ooo I want to leave this, this world for a while

well well well
2 days till I go home and my summer begins! I am so excited!
and my dad surprised us with a puppy the other day! his name is buddy (my brothers and dad didnt like any of my names) and hes a black lab mix hes the cutest thing ever!

so I suggest a band called wintersleep... they are wicked
and I have a bit of a girl crush on mandy moore I love her and she has a new song called I could break your heart any day of the week... kind of a long title but its so cute

the summer is so close I can taste it

haha imagine that expression was literal? that would be amazing! I wonder what summer would taste like? any thoughts?
I think it would taste fresh and sweet like a refreshing cold glass of lemonade... with a hint of crispy beef hahah mmmmm

maybe I am just hungry haha

and because I am obsessed with summer I am putting a picture from the summer because I love summer and the way everything feels free and there is no worry in my life ugh its just so nice!

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