Sunday, April 5, 2009

we go through too much bullshit just to mess with these drunk and hot girls...ahhlalala thats how the fuck you sound

well this weekend was quite the shitshow
we finished shh (summer heights high) and it was quite sad
"I said puck off miss... with a P"


friday we celebrated holly's birthday and rode mechanical bulls at dallas and it was fun then last night we went to serra's work friend's party... and oh my god I literally thought I was going to die... has that ever happened to anyone before? I have to send out apologies to nathan... poor guy received some inappropriate text messages from me... I do that quite often... for some reason I have a huge need to send texts while I am intoxicated... its actually starting to become an issue... my phone needs to be confiscated after I have had a few... oh dear

eleni rules

we are done first year university! well, minus exams... I am making a slideshow for my lovelies here on my floor :) I hope they like it 

baaaaahhhh trip to hamilton sooooon woooo!

so its like 12:19 in the am and I just wanted to say a thing or two...

I want to put the person who decided that being naked in public was unacceptable in a little physical pain... I mean really? why cant we all just be comfortable in our own skin? why do lazy people like myself have to get up and put clothes on just to walk down the hall and go to the bathroom? I mean really? im sitting on my bed just playing games and listening to music and I have the urge to pee... so why can't I just walk down the hall like 5 doors away to the bathroom without getting dirty looks? like I am not even nekkid Im in underwear... I am not hurting you in any way am I? no! ugh 

Id like to hear your thoughts...


  1. hi sarfair thank you so much for following my blog! there will be more exciting things to come, promise1

  2. everyone should be naked.
    all the time.

    fuck clothes.

  3. haha, I always swear and then when my mate tells me off I reply saying I said 'juck off' just so he won't get mad.