Tuesday, February 1, 2011

but I always thought that I'd see you again

so you know what is just awful?

say someone who you didnt expect had some cake... and first of all its a nice surprise that the person is even there and they have cake! and you guys are talking and catching up and you are really happy that this person is being so nice to you and they make it seem like they are leading up to give you this cake!

you didnt think you wanted the cake but the way the conversation is going, this wicked person wants to give you cake! Now that this is an option in your mind you really want it, even if you didnt earlier...

however the universe doesnt work like that... at least not for me... so this awesome person does have cake but no matter how much it seemed like this cake is for you from this person, its not. its for someone else... someone you didnt know this person even knew...


forgive me if that was hard to follow... but just know that this situation is real sucky and I dont wish anyone to be in this situation