Monday, May 25, 2009

just ease your mind, have a banana or two

so I just came back from camping with a bunch of friend from camp and it was a lot of fun
the first night was so cold I didnt know what to do haha 3 of us ended up sharing a mattress and I was still freezing ahah. I love camping I have been camping since I was 4 but this was the first time Ive gone camping since I was 16 so I was due for some wilderness.

I have a bone to pick with park rangers (I never understood that phrase "a bone to pick") when you are cruising around in your vehicle and there are people being loud... simply ask them nicely to be quiet before slapping them with a ticket... or they will be pissed and not want to come back... assholes

I have some rules that one must follow when camping

pack light
pack for the weather
make sure you have enough food for the amount of people that is going (this includes too much food... you don't want to waste spaghetti) 
clean up after yourself
make sure you are allowed to camp in your camp site
watch out for P.I
keep an eye on your garbage so you don't have to chase raccoons around with a pig flashlight
if you bring a vehicle on your trip make sure you don't close the door on your thumb
if you are going camping... don't complain about camping... its annoying to everyone else
don't wear a miniskirt

and wear sunscreen :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

best piece of ass in this whole damn city


so im going camping next weekend... and I am excited... really excited... I haven't been camping since 2006! and I LOOOOOOVE camping it is one of my favourite things!

another one of my favourite things are fireworks! OH MAN! victoria day we went to the beaches downtown and saw them works of fire... it was great... I felt like a 4 year old because I "ooo-ed" and "ahhh-ed" everytime there was an explosion of awesome (that sounds dirty and I like it)

and another one of my favourite things is tie dye or is it tye dye? anyway... its great... eleni and I dye-ed our tye/tie after the fireworks and it was awesome! 

and my beautiful friend venus came to visit as well and I love and I am quite sad that she is not coming to camp this summer

oh and its 27 degrees today... NO BIG DEAL
I love life

and another one of my favourite things is cheap entertainment... such as $3 admission to amateur night at yuk yuks... so funny... except when there are crazy people

and I have recently been re-watching laguna beach... and I know it isnt top notch television but it is kind of like an addicting drug... I love laguna... it brings up memories of high school and drama and it makes me laugh hahah

I had an epic flip-flop tan last summer and I have started working on it already... its amazing hahah

#1 loser= me

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm still fly, I'm sky high and I dare anybody to try and cut my wings

so its the summer and I was employed for a day but it turns out they were ripping me off so I decided I better not go back... so now I am unemployed and time is running out... what do I do?

I think Ill just babysit
or mow lawns
or walk dogs
because lets be real here... I have no other skills

but I need clients... ugh FML

however on the bright side... it is party season and I like to party
I also think it is fun to watch the decline of that really drunk person... 
funny enough that person turns out to be a friend... that makes it more fun! hahahah its all good it gives me a good chuckle
I also need to re-certify my NLS so that I can continue my summer job

I love being home and hanging out with the fam and friends but I hate that I am not on my own now and my dad cares enough about my well-being to force me to do stuff... Its annoying but he has a point... I need a job... bad

I think there is a club around that has a similar theme... I should join it

baaaahhh and I need a haircut because my ends are dead... but that would include my hair getting shorter and I am not a fan... I want my hair to be nice and long... but I also want it to be nice looking which leads us back to the haircut... it's a vicious circle

my cousin just showed me the coolest thing!
I want someone to make that for me
I will love them forever :)
and this one:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

pull me down hard and drown me in love

oh man
come on get higher by matt nathanson
listen to it
so weather has been nice
and I am still without a life
its depressing I need stuff to do
I started re-reading the 6th harry potter so Ill be able to fully critique the movie as I always do
harry potter is amazing

here is a list of cool things:
cruising with friends
dance parties
dance parties in cars
cat calling
lying in the sun
having stuff to do with your life
having fun with family
having adventures with your family
going out dancing for your best friends birthday

there is definitely more to the list or else I wouldn't be as cool as I claim
but thats what I've been up to
my brothers and I got lost driving around... and it turns out the thing we were trying to be on time for... wasn't even on that day... but it was fun anyway :) 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I'm wanted, dead or alive

so I had an epic fail of a day yesterday
I had a meeting for this job I have lined up and I left a half an hour early so I would be early... then I get lost, twice... and then it started to rain and I finally get there a half an hour late and the door is locked... so of course I call my dad at work (which costs a lot of money) and start to cry and it turns out there is another meeting next week... so that was good
but I was quite upset
and Im stressing out because my room is now packed with stuff from school and my room isnt that big so its all cluttered... not cool

baaahhh Im so hungry there is n food in my house
I hate when the weather can't make up its mind... this sucks... like its partly cloudy? wtf is that?

I really need to start working... I get so bored just sitting around... the best part of my day is usually walking the dog oh man... thats another reason I like camp... you're never just sitting around