Monday, May 25, 2009

just ease your mind, have a banana or two

so I just came back from camping with a bunch of friend from camp and it was a lot of fun
the first night was so cold I didnt know what to do haha 3 of us ended up sharing a mattress and I was still freezing ahah. I love camping I have been camping since I was 4 but this was the first time Ive gone camping since I was 16 so I was due for some wilderness.

I have a bone to pick with park rangers (I never understood that phrase "a bone to pick") when you are cruising around in your vehicle and there are people being loud... simply ask them nicely to be quiet before slapping them with a ticket... or they will be pissed and not want to come back... assholes

I have some rules that one must follow when camping

pack light
pack for the weather
make sure you have enough food for the amount of people that is going (this includes too much food... you don't want to waste spaghetti) 
clean up after yourself
make sure you are allowed to camp in your camp site
watch out for P.I
keep an eye on your garbage so you don't have to chase raccoons around with a pig flashlight
if you bring a vehicle on your trip make sure you don't close the door on your thumb
if you are going camping... don't complain about camping... its annoying to everyone else
don't wear a miniskirt

and wear sunscreen :)


  1. I like those rules! Especially the mini skirt one. Oy.

  2. I bet you wear miniskirts all the time tap. they probably show off your girlish figure.

    Sarah you rock my world.