Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm still fly, I'm sky high and I dare anybody to try and cut my wings

so its the summer and I was employed for a day but it turns out they were ripping me off so I decided I better not go back... so now I am unemployed and time is running out... what do I do?

I think Ill just babysit
or mow lawns
or walk dogs
because lets be real here... I have no other skills

but I need clients... ugh FML

however on the bright side... it is party season and I like to party
I also think it is fun to watch the decline of that really drunk person... 
funny enough that person turns out to be a friend... that makes it more fun! hahahah its all good it gives me a good chuckle
I also need to re-certify my NLS so that I can continue my summer job

I love being home and hanging out with the fam and friends but I hate that I am not on my own now and my dad cares enough about my well-being to force me to do stuff... Its annoying but he has a point... I need a job... bad

I think there is a club around that has a similar theme... I should join it

baaaahhh and I need a haircut because my ends are dead... but that would include my hair getting shorter and I am not a fan... I want my hair to be nice and long... but I also want it to be nice looking which leads us back to the haircut... it's a vicious circle

my cousin just showed me the coolest thing!
I want someone to make that for me
I will love them forever :)
and this one:

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