Wednesday, May 20, 2009

best piece of ass in this whole damn city


so im going camping next weekend... and I am excited... really excited... I haven't been camping since 2006! and I LOOOOOOVE camping it is one of my favourite things!

another one of my favourite things are fireworks! OH MAN! victoria day we went to the beaches downtown and saw them works of fire... it was great... I felt like a 4 year old because I "ooo-ed" and "ahhh-ed" everytime there was an explosion of awesome (that sounds dirty and I like it)

and another one of my favourite things is tie dye or is it tye dye? anyway... its great... eleni and I dye-ed our tye/tie after the fireworks and it was awesome! 

and my beautiful friend venus came to visit as well and I love and I am quite sad that she is not coming to camp this summer

oh and its 27 degrees today... NO BIG DEAL
I love life

and another one of my favourite things is cheap entertainment... such as $3 admission to amateur night at yuk yuks... so funny... except when there are crazy people

and I have recently been re-watching laguna beach... and I know it isnt top notch television but it is kind of like an addicting drug... I love laguna... it brings up memories of high school and drama and it makes me laugh hahah

I had an epic flip-flop tan last summer and I have started working on it already... its amazing hahah

#1 loser= me

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  1. Aw! You wished me a happy birthday! On your blog! *tear*

    Piller's #1 fan