Thursday, March 19, 2009

your voice is the soundtrack of my summer

Ive decided that I am going to name my blogs after song or movie quotes... I think its cool :) woot!

so this morning I woke up at was so sweaty and it was so gross... so I thought hey! if it is hot in my room while the window was open the whole night it must be hot outside... so I put on a t-shirt and shorts... I walk out and it is 3 degrees... turns out the sun heats up my room in the morning... who knew? so I spent my whole morning freezing...

I am one of those people who gets stressed out by a messy room... and I have my lovely friend mala coming to visit me at school we are going to party like its a camp party! haha... so I cleaned my room (that is her on the left)... it is weird... I got used to the mess but I like it better this way :)

so there is this band that my friends and I like to watch... we are friends with the saxophone player... thats right the band has a sax... wud up! they are really good they are called The Sound Foundation... I suggest you youtube them they are amazing! very upbeat and mellow... I enjoy very much :) they remind me of summer

speaking of summer... I just want it to be summer already! who is with me? seriously enough of the cold! ugh I can't wait till summer... Im excited to be tan again... I get really dark in the summer I enjoy being dark... I always feel better when Im tan... how lame is that? but it is true and you can't argue with truth :)

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    t-shirt and shorts.. 3 degrees. HAH.