Sunday, March 7, 2010

you gotta know how I feel

the oscars are overrated

people should do more visiting... it makes everyones days a little brighter

bowling is amazing

the red olympic mittens are sweet

the sun finally being out puts a smile on my face

my brother caving in and getting facebook is funny... (I lasted longer)

keanu reevs is no longer relevant... he shouldn't present... (if you are lost, the only relevant actors were in valentines day... hahahaha)

drawing picture is underrated... for the few people who read this... I challenge you to draw a picture for someone on paper and give it to them :) my friend reed is is visual arts and he drew this picture of my roommates and I... he drew it without tracing and with markers... its so amazing and that was his first and only draft... hes amazing :)

headaches suck

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