Tuesday, February 2, 2010

confess, your kiss still knocks me off my legs

so my weekend at home was great! I went out downtown, did some much needed shopping and did some bonding with my brother... I wasn't ready to leave... but I'll be back In 2 weeks :)

so yesterday I went to go get a police check for this volunteer job that I got but it turns out that I have to go all the way to another town to get it... so I just wondered downtown and took pictures... I found some really rad places that I'd like to go back to... like a magic shop :) and this sweet musical instrument store and I took pictures of strangers for the first time ever hahah I was so awkward! I went up and asked them hahah but luckily for me they were totally cool with it! there was even this one guy who played along and made faces at me while I was shooting him playing guitar hahah it was great... I just wish it wasn't so damn cold outside!

and dave matthews band's performance at the grammy's was so great! ugh they are my favourite band I think... I just love their music so much... the lyric in the title is from my baby blue by them... check it

spring is only 6 weeks away :)

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