Sunday, November 29, 2009

down the hill, fell jack and jill and you came tumbling after, 'cause of original sin

I really do think that people watching is my favourite thing...
I really want to take marshall (my camera) into a starbucks or some other kind of public place and take pictures of strangers... however... I would have to ask their permission... which is awkward... and also when people know that they are being photographed they subconsciously pose and it just ruins everything... damn

I miss toronto
I miss my homies
I miss the city

I love how Canadian tim hortons is... I got a coffee today and they have their winter cups out and it made me smile... I think it even made my day

the weather is off the wall
this morning at 8 it was so foggy! I don't even know how to explain how foggy it was! I couldn't see anything 10 meters in front of me

christmas is soon

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