Monday, November 9, 2009

funny the way it is... someone's broken heart becomes your favourite song

procrastination may or may not be the death of me...

happy birthday serra!
it's my roommates birthday...

I have a list of things that make me happy

flashing lights
editing pictures
how I met your mother
going to bed early
seeing old friends
being missed
starting school work early

I have been so unproductive today and it sucks... I feel so useless...
you know when you havent really done anything all day and then you have to go to work, and because you have been lazy all day you really dont want to go... I so much rather be productive because then I hate work so much less because I am already up and moving and motivated to go
mondays just suck

I wish I could cook... or that I was motivated to learn

so I was thinking of something to write about and my friend waldo told me to write about things that bother me... not a lot of things bother me... he told me that switches that don't do anything bother him... and I completely agree... also switches that are backward... for example if you flip it down and the light turns on... that is annoying

so I am watching dr. oz and they are talking about secrets that men keep from their wives or girlfriends... and they are talking about erectile dysfunction at the moment... kudos to those men... seriously... not only do they have erectile dysfunction... but they are talking about it on national television... for me, that would be so embarrassing... so I just wanted to give them a shout out
also, Im about to get personal here... 80% of the time men get erectile dysfunction, it is not because of the woman... this is an issue I have experienced... so dr. oz has quite literally made my day... who would have though that would happen

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