Friday, November 6, 2009

pieces don't fit here anymore

alright, so I was washing the dishes this morning while listening to james morrison's "the pieces don't fit anymore" and I had this sort of epiphany... so I think relationships are puzzles. your most favourite puzzle in the world... and everyday of a relationship is like working on this puzzle and you so desperately want this puzzle to work and fit together because you know the outcome will be beautiful however sometimes you can't force pieces to fit together, so you discard the piece, (the piece is a metaphor for an argument or something) thinking it'll still be beautiful without it but without that piece, other pieces wont fit either and the puzzle will never come together the way you initially imagined it would. so then you have to decide if you want to continue on this puzzle when you know the pieces don't fit but you can't, you have to find a new puzzle.

so my friends nathan and reed have introduced me to these bands and I like them a lot so I thought I would recommend them... the rosebuds and coconut records... they are both really mellow and I enjoy them very much :)
I love music so much so I am always open to suggestions of music...

so this weekend is going to be great! my friend splenda (camp name haha) is coming up to visit me and it's going to be a hell of a time... also my roommate serra's birthday is on monday so we are celebrating it this weekend as well! wooooo!

party time.

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