Sunday, November 15, 2009

feel so good but I'm old, 2000 years of chasing's takin' its toll. and it's coming closer

the title of this blog is a lyric from the song closer by kings of leon... no matter how many times I hear that song I never get sick of it... it is amazing... kudos to those guys for making amazing music

I have completely forgotten how amazing is... it solves so many of my problems... whenever I am completely lost on the youth of today it is literally a translator...

for example... did you know that there is a term called "browning out"? according to urban dictionary, it is when you black out from excessive drinking but then your memory comes back to you once someone mentions it... so it is not a full black out because you remember once someone reminds you
the following is the example used on the website:

"I didn't even remember making out with Bryanne until J-Lo told me (it must not have been that good)! I definitely had a brown out last night."

"Febreeze Shower:
When you haven't showered (and don't have time to), but you don't want to go out smelling bad, so you spray yourself with Febreze instead.
Brandon was running late for class, so he settled for a Febreze shower."

"Piglet Flu:
During times of pandemic, the common flu is known as Piglet Flu. While less deadly than Swine Flu it still makes you feel like shit. However, because it is not infamous like swine flu you get no respect from having it. So you feel like crap and no one gives a damn because you don't have h1n1.
Doctor: How do you feel.
Patient: Like shit.
Doctor: Well the tests came back, you don't have swine flu. So get the hell out you lazy good for nothing bastard. Come back with a real illness.
Patient (as he is thrown out) But i really do have the flu. Even if it is only piglet flu."

so this font may be off because I was copying and pasting and it changed on me... so annoying but anywho...
I don't understand the obsession people have with texting... I really don't... I mean I text as much as the next person does and yes, I do get irritated when I text someone a question and they do not text me back... that is quite annoying however, I don't get why people base an entire relationship (mainly friendship) on texting... texting is not a big deal... and I usually don't text people back if I have nothing to say to them... that makes sense right? I don't know I am probably just being a bitch... this happens often these days... I don't mean to be mean but apparently I can't talk to people these days without them getting offended somehow... so I apologize in advance to people I have conversations with in the future... I honestly do not mean to hurt your feelings... but anyway... that got heavy really fast ahahah

I am going to end this with a funny joke...

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Atch who?
Bless you!


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