Monday, December 7, 2009

the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger

you know whats great?
when you are feeling really shitty about yourself... and I mean REALLY shitty... and you don't talk about it but there is that one person who says the simplest thing that just completely turns your mood around
for example... tonight I was feeling shitty haha and my friend sophie read my blog and said this:

"I like it, it makes me think of you :) I swear. you write exactly what you feel when you are thinking it, its like talking to you, no homo"

it made my day
so thanks sophie :) I love you

its always nice to know that you are missed :)

so on another note...
new obsession? boys with french accents... and fighting... and not fighting to the point of it getting out of hand or people getting seriously injured or whatnot... just a good scrap... I think these two things are way sexy... I know I am a bad person for promoting fighting... but its sexy and if I guy threw a punch for me?... damn...
there are these french boys that come into harveys every monday and they are the cutest things! they didnt know what relish was first of all... and they were just so foreign... I wanted to give them a tour of all of canada... or just talk to them all night just to hear them speak... mmmm

my roommates and I went to niagra falls this weekend and it was wicked fun... except when we went to the casino (it was my first time) we were dressed for the club that we were going to after... and we were probably the youngest people there... I HAVE NEVER BEEN STARED AT MORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! it was like these men had never seen a girl before... it was so creepy...

and for the record... the canadian falls kicks the american falls right in the ass!

canada rules

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