Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm on the pursuit of happiness, and I know

so I have been home in the t.dot for 3 days and I have done nothing but driving and shopping... but now I am done my christmas shopping and I am free to relax and that excites me hahah

so I dont usually make new years resolutions because I always forget about them... and most of the time they are things that I should be doing anyway and I don't feel like the new year is a fresh start or whatever... if you want to change something then change it...

but anyway, this year I am making one hahah hypocrite or what? ya I want to start being more positive... I have been very negative about everything and it makes me sad so Ive already started looking at things in a positive light and so far it is making me happier but that also might be because exams are over, Im home and its almost christmas hahah but we shall see how it continues :)

sun is awesome

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