Sunday, March 6, 2011

there's nothing to do here but just wine and complain


Ive been slacking... sorry

well I have beef

no not a delicious cow carcass...

an issue, an issue that most people have, with the weather... its about that time of year where it just cant makeup its mind... and it annoying... yesterday it was raining and it made me happy because a) I love the rain and b) because it was warm enough that it rained and didnt snow...

then I came home from work and what happens? blizzard.


so I have twitter now and I really like it! its fun I feel like Im friends with celebrities haha as lame as that sounds

hmm what else?

Ive gotten into my fitness lately... since the winter break Ive lost 5 pounds, which is nice but I have hit some kind of plateau or a rut if you will... no matter im going to keep trying with my work outs and my healthier eating... thats what I struggle with the most... but Im trying and making progress which is good motivation


going back on the weather thing... the sun is out more often which is amazing I miss my vitamin d...

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