Sunday, March 20, 2011

a girl with a bird she found in the snow

alright so I feel like my blog is boring and my cousin emily ( gave me the idea to make it have a theme... so my blogs new theme is photography, health/fitness and music... we shall see how this goes... Im not an expert on either nor do I have any talent whatsoever in either category... but I'm trying to spice things up so I guess I'll see how it goes and have a blurb about each one to start...

music... is my and my roommates new favourite thing... its a site that gives you a playlist based on what mood you are in (I used to be into stereomood but they dont update their playlists often and 8tracks has more variety)... anyway I am really into mellow acoustic music however I find it hard to find new music so if anyone has suggestions I'm all ears

photography... I need ideas to take pictures... Im bored... I enjoy taking pictures of people preferably than random stuff outside

health and fitness... today my roommate and I went on a 5K run this morning... I impressed myself to be honest... I didnt think I would keep a good pace or run for as long as I did ... but I surprised myself on both fronts... so yay me... I also did pretty good on my diet today Id say... toast with margarine and a strawberry smoothie for breakfast (accidently skipped lunch) then vegetable soup and roast beef sandwich for dinner and popcorn for a snack later on... the popcorn was pretty healthy as far as snacks go... I made it on the stove with actual kernels and oil and put a bit of margarine and salt for taste... yum popcorn is so good!

hope everyone had a great st patricks day... I know everyone in waterloo was hurting the next day ahaha


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