Monday, March 28, 2011

come pick me up

music: so last night was the juno awards and it was kind of boring to say the least. I like a lot of canadian music but none of the artists I like performed or anything so that was lame. I found out that a lot of bands and singers I like are canadian which made me like them more. I love the sound of jacob hoggard and dallas green's voices... they are just so talented I love listening to them! I just heard the song come pick me up by ryan adams recently... its real good go listen to it

health/fitness: the plateau is continuing... I need to switch it up or something... its what I eat that brings me down I feel... I am more fit then I thought I was... I realized this during a run on friday... it definitely raised my spirits a bit... I just have to eat like a rabbit for the rest of my life and Ill be set haha

photography: when the weather gets nice Ill go for a shoot and hopefully get something good... I love taking pictures at camp its my favourite place and a lot of my favourite pictures I've taken have been from there... my friend eleni is really good she inspires me haha

this is all for nizzow

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