Sunday, October 3, 2010

there's a black crow sitting across from me his wiry legs are crossed

so today I was sitting in my living room watching a little criminal minds and one of my roommates were upstairs I guess rolling around on her chair... but it did not sound like that in the slightest... it sounded like there was a dog growling RIGHT behind me! it scared the crap right out of me... almost literally

so we wanted to make our house homey and cute so we put up pictures of the 6 of us in the living room... but there is a switch that we arent allowed to touch right in the middle of the pictures... it bothers me every time I look at it

I dont know what to wear for thanksgiving...

its cold here now... thats pretty damn lame... my tan is practically gone... thats pretty much all I had going for me... and the post summer depression begins folks

so we have these neighbours and Im not going to lie I am often tempted to break in their windows and scare the shit out of them... either they are all really loud or there is about 80 people living in that house that dont have school and feel like they should only speak in outdoor voices...

I want to get a morph suit

real bad.


  1. This is probably your most random post thus far. ahah love it

    post summer depression will lift when you come to toronto for wicked!!!! woot woot

    Are you coming to thanksgiving at my house?