Sunday, October 17, 2010

sunday morning rain is falling. steal some covers share some skin

its not actually raining but its sunday and I like that song... anyway

so sundays are pretty rad... I used to hate sundays because it meant the weekend is over... which is unfortunate but its okay on days when I dont have to work.

I am kind of sad though... but not really I have nothing to really be sad about... I feel like I am missing something or missing out on something great... its quite unsettling...

I dont think I would ever want to be psychic... I would hate knowing what people actually think about... I feel like people have a lot worse things to say than they appear... we have strong filters

the roommates and I are currently chilling in our living room and its nice... drinking tea and reading... I dont know maybe I just enjoy the simple things? hahah man

the weekend was radical as well... oktoberfest is so much fun! I look forward to it every year and its just so great! last night we had a bunch of people over and played trivial pursuit... I cant remember the last time I actually enjoyed playing a board game... it was so great... I sucked at it... but it was great...

its so sunny outside!

alanna and julia are having a fart exchange...

life is good

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